The Indo American Academy of Classical Music, based in Northern Virginia is an organization that fosters the promotion, advancement, and the appreciation of Indian classical music. We organize a variety of activities that include concert performances by accomplished artists, formal music lessons, workshops, music camps, live orchestra support for dance programs, and student recitals.

Music Education

Music education has been the foundation of IAACM and is the core commitment of the organization. With a well-designed syllabus and exhaustive repertoire, we offer specialized training. Through time-tested and traditional instruction methods, the classes are compiled into a rigorous syllabus to attain the highest skill levels. We also encourage our students to participate in music competitions and stage performances organized by other Institutions. Several of our students are well respected performers, have performed Arangetrams, and have graduated successfully.

The following options are offered for music education:

  • Vocal: both Classical, Bhajans , Slokas & Semi-classical music
  • Instrumental: Flute , Violin, Keyboard, and Veena
  • Percussion: Mridangam, Tabla, Ghatam, and Kanjira
Formats available:
  • In person at the IAACM facility
  • One-on-one or group classes
  • Online (via skype or FaceTime) or

Carnaticlessons E-Learning Platform

Carnaticlessons is our e-learning platform dedicated to online teaching for students worldwide. Students registered on Carnaticlessons also have access to a large knowledge-base of resources and materials for learning. These resources include music notes, lesson materials, and video recordings of lessons for students enrolled in vocal and flute classes.

Our Commitment

I, Raman Kalyan, the founder president of Indo American Academy of Classical Music pledge to teach this art to students with commitment to learn with total devotion; I will do so by sharing its nuances and subtleties, the very hard-earned 'secrets' of this art form, without any reservation whatsoever.

Raman Kalyan