Founder, Flute Raman

Raman Kalyan is an accomplished musician, teacher, music-scholar, and a visionary. Born and brought up in Mysore, India, he was initiated into music by his mother, V. Geetha. Ever since childhood, he was mesmerized by the divine sound of the bamboo flute. It became his choice of instrument and a passion to pursue for a lifetime. This is seemingly the simplest instrument, but in practice is the most complicated.

Raman started learning the flute from Vidwan A. V. Prakash at the age of 9 and performed his first concert at the age of 15 in Mysore. He later underwent advanced training from Sangeetha Kalanidhi Dr. N. Ramani.

Raman has performed along with Dr. Ramani on numerous occasions. He has performed at major venues all around the world. He has received several awards, such as Best Flautist twice by the prestigious Madras Music Academy, India. He has also performed in Jugalbandhis, and Fusion Concerts, while being very successful as a Music Composer. He has scored music for many Audio / Video albums. Raman has captivated the audiences in a number of India's major music festivals and toured widely across North America, Europe, Asia, and the Far East.