Who We Are

Indo American Academy of Classical Music (IAACM) was founded in July 2012 by Raman Kalyan. Though the organization made humble beginnings, it was created with a grand vision of promoting Indian classical music and dance in North America,. It aims to accomplish this by:
  • Providing music education to the young generation interested in Indian Classical music.
  • Presenting concerts to expose the grandeur of this music genre to the community.
  • Inviting noted artists for workshops and lecture-demonstrations
  • Delivering music accompaniments and live orchestra for dance programs and arangetrams

Creating a community of music lovers and enthusiasts who share and thrive on their common interest. IAACM is seeing rapid growth. We now have a recording studio and concert facility where we organize events.

For more information please visit the Events, Classes, Orchestra/Live Music Support pages. Our Gallery and Video links provide a glimpse of our activities. Please do not hesitate to Contact us for further information.

Our Mission

Our mission statement sums up our core calling


Who We Do

IAACM engages in a variety of activities and we have something to offer for all music lovers. We are more than a music school, a concert organizer, or a group of music lovers. We are all this and more as we put together all these pursuits under an environment that truly fosters an appreciation of the divine art form and imparts well-rounded training for our students.

We do:

  • Music Education – We offer formal training in Indian classical music, both vocal and instrumental. Classes are offered both online and in face-to-face settings in our Chantilly, Virginia location.
  • Orchestra Support – We offer live orchestra support for dance performances and arangetrams. (See sample)
  • Concerts – We organize concerts by leading and/or highly accomplished performers. (Our Events)
  • Other Activities that are held intermittently throughout the year
    1. Music Camps – We organize full day and week-long camps in summer that provides individual attention and caters to all skill levels. The camps are conducted by highly
    2. accomplished/scholarly artists who guide participants in specialized aspects. (add pictures)
    3. Student Recitals – Student recitals are held twice a year. Students perform with full music accompaniment by artists from India. This is the first of its kind in North America.
    4. Music Workshops, Seminar, and Lecture-Demonstrations – We organize lectures and workshops by noted scholars, musicians, and visiting artists who share their deep insights, knowledge, and experiences. Students, thus, have an opportunity to learn from stalwarts directly and engage in QA sessions. The value of such interactions in the overall learning process cannot be overstated.
    5. Library - IAACM students enjoy free access to IAACM’s library with exhaustive collection of books related to music and arts, along with a wide collection of audio material that includes concert recordings of great musicians –past and present.
    For more information please contact us.


We are ever thankful to our dedicated team of volunteers and supporters. Their tremendous help “behind the scene” keeps IAACM a well-oiled machine. Without their assistance in making concert and event arrangements, transporting artists, and hosting artists, IAACM would not be the organization it is today. The solidarity and the ever-ready-to-help spirit are both humbling and rewarding for the organization.